Free Positive Thoughts


Have you ever received a random compliment from some unknown stranger in the middle of the day? How did that compliment make you feel? Great right! How would you like to have that same feeling at your beck and call any time of the day? Crazy right? Not so much. You can feel that way and you don’t need the assistance of anyone else to do it. Positive affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, which are often repeated, until they get impressed on the subconscious mind. Studies have shown that saying these positive statements can greatly boost self-esteem, help people to become more confident and even battle depression! So practice saying great things about yourself on a daily basis. Here are a few examples. Try to come up with some of your own. I would love to hear what you come up with. Please post some of your own positive mantras you never know who will be helped by what you have to say!

•I know, accept and am true to myself.

•I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself.

•I eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest to enjoy good health.

•I learn from my mistakes.

•I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

•I forgive myself for not being perfect because I know I’m human.


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