How to get from where you are to where you wanna be!

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Well people 2015 is almost over! Soon we’ll be bringing in the New Year, and everyone will be listing their goals for 2016, myself included. But as I reflect on my goals for 2015 I feel like I didn’t do as good a job as I know I could have. I mean I’m a smart girl and I definitely have the ability to get it done, but what happened? If you’re like me you set goals for the New Year and you’re all excited and motivated for the first few months but by September you’re like what the hell! How did I lose focus? Well like me and 10 million other people who dream big you probably already understand what goals are and when and why we set them, but when it comes to following through don’t know how to maintain since I am always striving to become a better version of myself I think some process improvement is in order. They say the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem so let me be the first to introduce myself to the congregation “Hello my name is January and I am a habitual goal setter and forgetter”…….Lol.


Why do people fail at sticking to their goals?

This is what I found:
1. Setting too many goals at once. In other words, no focus!

2. Not scheduling time to work on our goals. We set time for everything else in our lives- why shouldn’t we set time for ourselves to follow our dreams?

3. Not coming up with an action plan. I could spend countless hours planning everything in my head but I really need to start writing everything down.



Here’s what I plan to do:
• Set up annual or quarterly goal setting so that I can evaluate my progress and refocus.
• Set 3 goals.
• Work on one thing towards each of my 3 goals everyday.
• Start Writing stuff down Maybe start a dream book. ……….That’s fancy : )



Well alright there you have it! I have definitely done all of those things in the past when it comes to (not) sticking with goals. But I plan to do better starting today! I don’t know about you but I’m not waiting until 2016! What are some of your goals and what are you doing right now to make it happen? Let’s make our dreams come true!!!

Let’s get it!

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